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House Rules

We have a strict no late-entry policy for our classes. This policy is in place to keep you safe and respect the sanctity of our studio room environments.



Late entry for non-beginners will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


If it is your first class, we require arrival a MINIMUM of 10 minutes prior to the start of class time. Please plan additional time to find parking.


You are required to wear grip socks for all Xformer classes, this is for hygiene and safety purposes.


Workouts are sweaty, please bring your towels and drinks.


If you forget your grip socks and towels, you will be required to purchase them from our retail foyer.


Please do not consume food/snacks, or flavoured drinks in the studio.


If you are not checked into class 2 minutes prior to the start of class your spot may be given to a fellow client on the waitlist.


We appreciate you avoiding strong perfumes as some clients are allergic and sensitive to smells while working out.


If we see a client on their phone, we will kindly ask the client to step out of their workout. It is distracting to the instructor and other clients when people text/take calls during class.


We do not offer refunds. We have a 12-hours cancellation policy, which means if you are unable to attend the booked slot, you may cancel your spot for a credit back into your account. 


Here are some answers to the questions we get asked the most.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, just contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



What are SRT Xformer classes?

Developed in Los Angeles, CA, Slow Resistance Training [SRT] is a low-impact high-intensity workout tailored for MUTINY’s patented XFormer. SRT was developed with the goal of creating an effective workout adaptable for all ability levels; intense enough for a professional athlete and accessible enough for anyone willing to try something new. 

SRT is a full-body workout performed on the XFormer to build lean muscle, supercharge your body to burn fat and improve balance and flexibility. Using time-under-tension and focusing on slow-twitch muscle fibres, you cut the chance of injuries to nearly zero. The classes are fun, the music is bumping, the coaches guide you every step of the way, and the training is so efficient that you only need 45-minutes.


Is SRT similar to Pilates or Lagree?

The popularity of the archetypal Pilates reformer inspired many different methods and spawned quite a few versions of the reformer. 

Methods from the same lineage of Pilates are inevitably similar and excellent. 


What time should I arrive at class?

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the class start time and 10 minutes prior if you are a new client. New clients will be given a brief tutorial on the Xformer machine and what to expect during class.

What should I bring to an Xformer class?

Grip Socks are mandatory. However, if you forget we have a great selection in our retail foyer for purchase. Wear comfortable workout clothes that allow your body to stretch and move freely. Heavy jewellery is not recommended. Refrain from wearing strong perfumes or lotions as some clients are allergic and they may cause you to slip.  Phones are not allowed on the Xformers or during class. Bring a towel and a bottle of water, YOU WILL SWEAT. 


What should I bring to a Yoga class?

We provide all the apparatus. Wear comfortable workout clothes that allow your body to stretch and move freely, but nothing too baggy that may get caught within the equipment. Heavy jewellery is not recommended. Refrain from wearing strong perfumes or lotions as some clients are allergic and they may cause you to slip. Phones are not allowed during class. Bring a towel. 


How often should I attend classes?

Xformer classes: Slow Resistance Training is designed to work your muscles to the point of fatigue. 3-4 classes per week to see the shred. Listen to your body. Please remember rest is extremely important too. 

Yoga: You will be able to feel the effects of your yoga practice and decide this for yourself. 


How does the waitlist work? 

You can put yourself on the waitlist for any class that is full. Please note that you will be booked automatically if a slot opens. 

Do you have lockers and showers?

There is a changing room and cubbies for you to store your personal belongings. There are no locks so please do not bring anything valuable. 

There are no shower facilities available but Palais Renaissance has restrooms on every level. 

Do you offer private lessons?

We are happy to offer BespoX classes. You can contact us directly for queries on BespoX classes available.

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