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A 4-time Australian professional Latin ballroom champion, Andrey's dance career spans over 3 decades. Currently one of S.E Asia's most coveted dance instructors, with teaching experiences in his native Russia as well as in China, Australia and parts of S.E Asia, Andrey has spent a big part go his life teaching and sharing his passion for dance and fitness. His SRT classes will be full of cha-cha-cha vibes!


Charmaine is a Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist and is well-versed in a wide variety of styles. She is passionate about sharing its benefits and transformative power; physically, mentally and emotionally.



A self- professed yoga geek, Cora masterfully juggles her love for yoga & life as a mom to her 2 children. With a focus on precise alignment, informed sequencing & structure, Cora’s classes are strong & grounding. She strives to create a nurturing & empowering space for development.



In the past 13 years, yoga has become an integral part of Gricia’s life. She completed 500 hours of training with Yogananth Andiappan followed by Yin Yoga certification with Paul Grilley. Her classes are energising yet restorative.



Joanna has been a dedicated Pilates disciple for the last 18 years. She is thrilled to have discovered the SRT method, completing an intensive Xformer instructor training course. A former television producer and journalist, she brings to the class a certain "je ne sais quo" and gets them prepared for any ready, set, camera action!



Kelly started her yoga journey in 2005. She believes that a yoga pose has to be understood with proper alignment and engagement, not just mimicked. It should allow one to rest the mind and experience the joy of living on and off the mat.


Kristin is a yogi, facilitator of breathwork, meditation, and sound baths, an anatomy junkie, a wannabe DJ, and a new mother! Her classes are designed to challenge you, making you laugh, grunt, and sweat, all while fostering a sense of internal awareness and tranquility, leaving her students feeling uplifted and empowered. Her extensive and profound study of yoga was influenced by world-renowned yoga gurus such as Patrick Creelman, Tiffany Cruikshank, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and Andrei Ram.



Maverick encourages a practice of contemplative exploration. Though physical in part, his practice is ultimately one of the mind and heart.His technique is grounded in bodyworks, martial arts, practical anatomy, non-sectarian meditation and Somatics. His intention is to help students establish clear objectives in practice, and to inspire them to move closer towards physical and mental well-being. An avid thinker and forever student, Maverick is continuing his study into the SRT method post his certification training, you can bet on solid classes from him!



A former dancer in her native, Finland, a career in health&fitness was a natural switch for Niina.She lends her vast experience and expertise acquired from her work in Switzerland, S.Korea and Sweden as a health coach in Singapore. She is specialized in pre and postpartum training, empowering Mothers to stay fit & fabulous. Her classes are intelligent & challenging, yet light and energetic.



Falling in love with pole dancing in Shanghai and then honing her skills when she moved to Montreal led Rachel to leave her career in advertising to allow herself to delve deeper into the world of wellbeing with her move to Singapore. Movement and instructing come naturally to Rachel who is also effectively bilingual, teaching in both English and Mandarin. Rachel completed a wallrope yoga workshop and is certified in the method of Slow Resistance Training.



Fitness is in Ricia's DNA. With parents as athletes, the natural progress from school sports captain to challenging, gruelling spartan races, Ricia was destined to pioneer the SRT method at Mutiny. With her fast instincts, she's managed Mutiny into a lifestyle hub for fashion and fitness.



A music graduate from Boston’s Berklee College of Music, Renee works with children and adolescents of all backgrounds and behaviours.Being married to one of Singapore’s top functional trainers, she has been through it all in the gym and is familiar with how ideal alignment, movement efficiency and body awareness contribute to a holistic physical and mental development.Renee experienced the Slow Resistance Training method first hand during the intensive instructor training course and now teaches her Xformer classes in her unique style.



Yoga to Sheng Lin is a way of life, it’s about being rather than doing, as well as off the mat. His yoga journey started slow and therapeutic, exploring and training with masters to move freely, painfree. A financier by day, yoga teacher by evening, you can find him on the hunt for the best flat white in town or giving haircuts to the community of elderly and migrant workers.



Victor is an ex-marathoner and coporate dragon-boater, his lack of body awareness resulted in herniated disc and surgery. His yoga studies and teachings now connects mind, body and breath.



Winner enjoys staying active and does everything from barre to spinning to tennis. She’s always up for a new challenge and she fell in love with the Xformer as soon as she tried it. Winner is also a certified barre instructor with 3 years teaching experience. When not teaching, she can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm.



Having praticed pilates for more than 10 years which helped her stay injury free, Yan Yi is now pursuing a new found passion in teaching the SRT method at Mutiny. She likes getting and giving a good challenging workout as much as she likes her food. When she's not working out, you can find her planning her travel escapades with her celebrity bear, Lovey, or baking up her signature confections.



With over 18 years of yoga experience, Yoshie's classes focus on fundamental alignment so that anyone can practice in a safe manner. She brings experience and wisdom to her teachings in the Slow Resistance Training (SRT) method. Her classes are insightful and sophisticated.

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